CRE51 LED Linear Light

 The artistic metal sheets on the aluminum alloy lamp body demonstrate inventiveness in a calm manner, and the design without exposed screws keeps the lamp body tidy.
 The curved light-emitting surface enhances the light-emitting area while lowering the brightness of the surface. Through the reflection of the ceiling, the up and down light-emitting models provide soothing ambient light to the space, substantially reducing eye fatigue.
 Single linear lights are appropriate for installation on the ceiling. For overall lighting in bigger spaces, continuous splicing and integrated installation is appropriate.

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3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K, 6500K




0-10V, DALI, ON/OFF, RF2.4G


Black, Silver, White


Suspended, Ceiling surface

The lamp series CRE51 is specially designed for the high-end office field, as the main lamp of office lighting. Using arc surface light-emitting structures to increase the amount of light output and reduce the surface brightness, as well as an increase in the lamp body’s light-shielding structure in order to limit large-angle light intensity, we were able to make him make breakthroughs in optics and structure. To meet modern office installation needs, the built-in slider method is used to achieve seamless splicing, and each lamp has its own bus, which requires only one input power line to splice multiple lamps. It is an ideal lamp for office lighting.

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