PDT2 Round Pendant Light D260mm

    • Technology: Combines LED technology and Nano PMMA plate;
    • Profile: Ultrathin modern style, both frame, and panels are super simple to style;
    • Optics: Up-down half-half lighting. Upward light reflected by the ceiling could provide soft ambient light to the room which would reduce eye weariness.
    • Anti-glare: Light-emitting area is 10 times more than the tube, and the brightness of luminaire surface is much lower. Special treatments have been done on the sides of LGP, with no light leak, no glare.
    • Dimming Stepless dimming color and bright, Memories scene


    Reception Room, Meeting Room, Coffee Bar, Tea Bar, Restaurant

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2700K, 2700K-6000K adjustable, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K, 6500K




0-10V, DALI, ON/OFF, RF2.4G


Black, Silver, White



PDT2 pendant light is designed for use in high-light environments, for example in the office or on the go. This makes it easy to light up an office or shop when not in use.

The upper and lower light distribution design not only satisfies the comfortable working illuminance, but also creates soft ambient light. At the same time, the diffusing design gives the room a clean and inviting look while eliminating as much glare as possible. It’s energy-efficient and offers a bright and consistent white light.


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