PNX3 Square Panel Light

  • The PNX3 Transparent Linear Light is an energy-efficient solution for office or commercial lighting systems.
  • The anodized aluminum frame is stylish and fashionable with everlasting color.
  • PNX3 clear Pendant light is specially designed for modern offices.
  • Ultrathin modern style aluminum profile, the thickness is only 18mm. the bezel width is only 12mm. Both frame and panels are super simple to style
  • The light-emitting area is 10 times more than a tube. Special treatments have been done on the sides of LGP, with no light leak, free of glaring.

Product Details

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L1380*W338*H18mm, L1200*W300*H18mm, L1200*W200*H18mm


24W, 36W, 48W, 54W


2700K, 2700K-6000K adjustable, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K, 6500K


2160lm, 3240lm, 4320lm, 4860lm


0-10V, DALI, ON/OFF, RF2.4G


Black, Silver, White



PNX3 clear Pendant light is specially designed for modern offices. While light the panel light, the almost magical metamorphosis of the transparent optics into a light-emitting surface has happened, which bathes the room in light of unexpected. Soft glare-free light creates a pleasant atmosphere, especially for communication and concentrated screen-based work. Soft and dynamic light creates a unique experience.

Simple and slim profiles are the perfect match with modern office style. The elaborately carved end cover makes it different from the ordinary LED panel light, which makes it become the finishing touch of office appliances.

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