PNX4 Round LED Panel Light

 The maximum diameter is 1200mm, which satisfies the design criteria to the greatest extent possible.
 Comfortable and soft There are no bright patches on the edge of the light-emitting surface, the brightness uniformity of the light-emitting surface is as high as 85 percent, and there is less glare.
 CNC accurate engraving, precision smoothing and anodizing, and surface spraying treatment technology all work together to give the product a distinct aesthetic personality.

Product Details

Additional information


Φ300mm, Φ400mm, Φ500mm, Φ600mm, Φ700mm, Φ800mm, Φ900mm, Φ1000mm, Φ1200mm


18W, 24W, 36W, 48W, 60W, 72W, 90W, 110W, 130W


3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K, 3000-6000K adjustable

Luminous Efficiency

100 lm/W


0-10V, DALI, ON/OFF, RF2.4G


White, Black, Silver


Suspended, Ceiling surface, Recessed

The PNX4 round LED panel light is a lamp created specifically for the high-end workplace and hotel environments. The round design, which comes in a range of sizes, promotes a lively working environment. The well-designed optical system makes optimal use of light energy and generates a pleasant light environment in which people feel more at ease. Precision CNC machine tools are used to engrave the entire aluminum plate, which is smooth and precise, and the anodized spraying treatment process complements each other, showing a unique artistic flair.


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