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ASM Lighting is a leading manufacturer of LED panel lights in China. If you’re looking for a dependable and experienced LED panel light supplier, look no further. Our LED panels are the greatest option for you. We work with a number of well-known LED manufacturers, including Philips and OSRAM. In our slim LED panel, use the brand LED driver manufacturer’s power supply, such as Philips, Meanwell, Lifud, and so on. Anti-yellowing PMMA light guide plate is used in our ultraslim LED panel lights and ETL approved slim panel lights. Choose a heat-dissipating and stable LED panel frame made of 6063 aluminum. Our panel lights LED have a steady and reliable performance due to skilled production skills and high-end raw materials. Under the same circumstances, our LED panel light is the most cost-effective.

Expert in the Production of LED Panel Lights

Since 2012, we have been a leading LED panel light manufacturer and supplier in China, producing a wide range of LED panel lights. With a variety of sizes, we provide LED round panel light, LED square panel light, oval LED panel, frameless LED panel light, and IP65 waterproof panel light. Dimming, CCT adjustable, RGB, RGBWW, and other capabilities are among those accessible.

We know how to make a good LED light panel, and we know which manufacturing processes might create issues, thanks to our ten years of expertise. All of our activities, from purchasing raw materials to manufacturing, inspecting, and shipping, adhere to the IS09001:2008 quality management system. When you work with us, you will never have to be concerned about quality or delivery time.

LED panel lights are defined by their streamlined appearance in modern lighting applications and are widely employed in office and commercial settings.
Flat LED light is another name for LED panel light. It is a lighting device that emits light via a panel, as the name indicates. On the market today, LED panel lights come in two different light-emitting structures: edge light panel and back light panel.

The edge light principle LED panel light is made up of LED chips that emit light from the side of the frame where they are fixed, a light guide plate that distributes the light evenly across the entire panel, reflective paper that reflects the light and leads it out the front, and a diffuser that disperses the light more evenly and softly.
The LED lamp beads are equally spaced on the bottom plate of the frame housing, and the light is subsequently projected directly onto the diffuser panel. The LED backlit panel light is 30mm or 50mm thick.

The most frequent forms for LED panel lights are square, rectangular, and round. Other unusual forms, such as triangles panel light, hexagons panel light, oval LED panel light, pentagrams panel light, and so on, may also be created to meet your needs.

With the advancement of our manufacturing process, we can now provide both frame panel lights and frameless panel lights for square and round types.

The use of smart panel lighting is growing in popularity. LED RGB panel light, LED panel with Zigbee function, LED panel with dimmable function, LED panel with CCT adjustable LED panel light are now available on the market. Our panel lights are also compatible with smart systems such as DALI, 0/1-10V, and RF2.4G, allowing for easy management of local illumination. Emergency LED panel lights are very vital in large workplaces and commercial locations. They can meet a specific lighting need in the case of a power outage. These smart LED panel lights make our life easier and more enjoyable.

Under typical conditions, an IP44 LED panel light can fulfill the majority of our lighting requirements. To suit the humid condition in baths or steam rooms, we must utilize IP65 LED panel lights. So, IP65 LED panel lights are available on the market, but they will cost more than IP44 LED panel lights.

The One-Stop Supplier of LED Panel Lights for Your Business

We are one of China’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of LED panel lights. Our manufacture offers LED panel lights in a variety of specifications that satisfy international safety requirements. If you have a project that requires LED panel lights with specific shapes or functionality, please contact us for further information.

Check out the categories below to get the best LED panel lights for your projects.

LED Panel Light Manufacturer | Edge Light LED Panel Light

Our edge lit LED panel lights, as a professional LED panel light manufacturer and supplier, employ a high-grade PMMA light guide plate with a PC or prismatic acrylic diffuser. Uniform illumination, no dark spots, no shadow anti-glare, and UGR19 are all features of the panel light.
1ft x 1ft (30x30cm), 1ft x 2ft (30x60cm), 2ft x 2 ft (60x60cm), 1ft x 4 ft (30x120cm), 2ft x 4 ft (30x120cm), 1ft x 4 ft (30x120cm), 1ft x 4 ft (30x120cm), 1ft x 4 feet (60x120cm). We offer 9 diameters in the round panel light series (30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, 120cm).

The light efficiency of our typical LED panel lights is 100lm/W. We can also make LED panel lights with higher lumen output, such as 130lm/W, to meet your needs. Please contact us for the finest LED panel light wholesaler and distributor quote.

LED Panel Light Manufacturer | Back Light LED Panel Light

The LED chips in a backlit LED panel light are located on the back rather than on the edge of the LED panel light. Each LED chip is equipped with a 180-degree lens. It has the ability to provide homogeneous light with no dark areas.

The luminous efficiency of the backlight LED panel light is higher than that of the side-emitting panel light, and the cost performance is superior, because the lamp body just has an outside frame and a diffuser cover.

Backlit LED panel lights come in square and round shapes, both of which may be customized in a variety of sizes. The square LED panel light may be modified up to 8ft x 8ft (240x240cm) and the round LED panel light up to 7ft x 7ft (240x240cm) (210x210cm).

LED Panel Light Manufacturer | Frameless LED Panel Light

Custom light colors are available for the frameless LED panel light series.
From the front, the frame is just 4mm wide, which increases the light distribution area and reduces the dark region generated by the frame. The light is even and gentle thanks to the high-quality reflecting panel, sealed design, high-efficiency light guide panel, and aluminium alloy construction.
DALI, 1-10V, PUSH, PWM, and other dimming systems are all compatible. Shopping malls, hotels, schools, libraries, and hospitals are examples of wild applications.
When utilized in environments that require long-term illumination, there is no noise or flickering, and it saves energy and has a long life duration.
There are a variety of color and mounting choices available.

LED Panel Light Manufacturer | IP65 Waterproof LED Panel Light

ASM waterproof led lights employ a proprietary waterproof construction and waterproof adhesive to provide long-lasting IP65 water resistance. Our IP65 waterproof LED panel lights have a high efficiency of 100 lm/W and Mitsubishi light guiding plates provide optimal uniformity. The panel guide plate is protected from reshaping by EVA foam.
Meanwell IP65 waterproof constant current driver with a power factor of above 0.9 was chosen. AC/DC power input cable with a waterproof lock.
Super IP65 waterproofing allows for a wide range of applications in any situation, wet or dry, indoors or out. Basements, swimming pools, restrooms, and subterranean parking spaces are all good candidates.

LED Panel Light Manufacturer | Transparent LED Panel Light

The ASM transparent panel light was designed specifically for light, and it accurately represents the light’s personality. The translucent shape completely restores the building’s internal space, enabling for more innovative interior design.
For better light output, we use Mitsubishi nanoparticle light guide plate instead of the usual laser dotted light guide plate.

The fundamental architecture of the transparent panel light makes it a great match for modern buildings, workplaces, and houses, much as air and water do for people who live in peace. As the finger meets the switch, the translucent acrylic transforms into a gentle glowing body. Thanks to careful design and material selection, the light-emitting surface is soft and uniform, with equal light distribution up and down, preventing an excessive light ratio, making the eyes more comfortable, and creating a more transparent area.

Do You Have A Lighting Project Need LED Panel Lights?

Top LED Panel Light Manufacturer

Rather of relying on off-the-shelf kits and design solutions, ASM lighting manages its own R&D and manufacturing throughout the process. Everything is done by ASM Lighting’s own team and essential suppliers, from design to research and development through mold opening, kit manufacture, assembly, and delivery. To ensure client satisfaction, we place a premium on product quality and lead times. At the same time, we can accommodate any particular customisation requirements you may have.
ASM employs A level LEDs and a Meanwell driver as a professional LED panel light maker. There are variants with dimmable led panel lights and CCT control. To obtain wholesale pricing, please contact us.

Infos About Panel Lighting

Manufacturers and Suppliers of the Best LED Panel Lights ​​

ASM Lighting, as a leading LED panel light manufacturer and supplier, exclusively works with major LED chip manufacturers such as Cree, Samsung, Epistar, LumenMax, Nichia, and Osram. These LED vendors provide us with high-efficiency SMD4014 and SMD2835 LEDs, which we utilize in our LED panel lights.

LED chips with high efficiency and color rendering index (CRI) combine with a top-grade PMMA Light Guide Plate (LGP) to provide exceptional luminous flux output and soft light for our LED panel lights.

To make a nice LED panel light, you’ll need not just good LEDs but also a good LED driver. We employ Meanwell, Tridonic, and Philips external constant-current LED drivers with no flicker and a power factor of above 0.95. ​​

Our LED panel light manufacturer offers LED panel lights with color temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, and 6000K. We also provide LED panel lights with a variety of functions, such as dimmable, RGB and RGBWW, RF2.4G remote control, and dual color temperature dimmable LED panel lights, among others.

We also provide customized LED panel light services. You may order LED panels in bespoke sizes, such as 120×120 cm or 180 cm in diameter, for your project. In any case, as long as you supply us with the dimensions, we will do all we can to provide you with a satisfactory LED panel light customized service.
Of course, our factory can provide various OEM/ODM services as well. You may create your own color box to boost your visibility, or we can do it for you. The color box will not charge any fees if the order quantity meets the MOQ. You may purchase more color boxes and keep them in our warehouse to save money on color boxes in the future by ordering more color boxes.

What types of LED panel lights are there?

Now the LED panel lights that ASM Lighting can produce can be classified as follows:
1. According to the classification of light-emitting structure, it can be divided into back-emitting panel lights and side-emitting panel lights;
2. According to the classification of appearance, it can be divided into square panel lights, round panel lights and special-shaped LED panel lights (including: oval, triangle, hexagon, pentagon, etc.);
3. According to the installation method, it can be divided into line hanging type, pole hanging type, embedded type and ceiling type;
4. According to the dimming method, it can be divided into switch type, dimming panel light, dimming color temperature panel light, RGB/RGBWW;

LED panel lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your clients’ needs and installation methods. One-stop shopping for a variety of LED panel lights can help you expand your product categories, better fulfill the demands of your clients, win more projects, and make more money.

How do LED panel lights replace traditional lamps?

Grille light panels, fluorescent light brackets, ceiling lights, downlights, chandeliers, and other traditional lamps are being replaced with LED panel lights due to their consistent and soft light production, great efficiency and energy savings, small design, and customizability.

The panel light provides even lighting, a high color rendering index, and a mellow, comforting glow. It has steadily evolved into the greatest LED lights for replacing the classic grille lighting panel. Shopping malls, schools, workplaces, hospitals, and other indoor lighting areas all utilize it.

How to Install LED Panel Light?

Suspension Mounted: Most people prefer the hanging wire installation technique since it is easy to install and maintain; however if you require the lamps to be steady and not shake, such as in a classroom, we will give you metal rods for suspension mounting.

Ceiling Surface Mounted: If the room’s ceiling height is less than 3 meters and the ceiling is hard, we recommend using the ceiling installation technique, which not only provides a good lighting effect but also makes installation and maintenance easier.

Recessed Mounted: If the room’s ceiling is integrated, we recommend using the embedded installation technique. You can utilize spring clips or not, depending on the ceiling’s material and installation procedure.

10 Tips You Should Know When Purchasing LED Panel Lights from China

It is one of the most often used lamps for office lighting, school lighting, shopping mall lighting, hospital lighting, and furniture lighting because it offers consistent illumination, a high color rendering index, and soft light without glare. How do you pick a good LED panel light? As a reputable LED panel light manufacturer and supplier, we provide the following 10 suggestions.

1. Certification mark: A certified LED panel light must pass the relevant country’s safety certification test and display a certification identification label on the product, such as CE, RoHS, UL, CB, SAA, ETL, and so on.

2. Power, luminous flux, and: the efficiency of the panel light is equal to the luminous flux divided by the power. The greater the power, the more energy savings and the less panel lights you’ll need to install at the same brightness; the higher the number, the more accurate the color under the light.

3. Color temperature: On the market, LED panel lights have color temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, and 6000K. Warm white light (2700K, 3000K) is appropriate for usage in hotels and guestrooms since it gives people a warm sensation. Cool white light (5000K, 6000K) is ideal for high-lighting areas such as workplaces, hospitals, and retail malls.

4. Color rendering index: In relation to a natural or conventional light source, a color rendering index (CRI) is a quantitative measure of a light source’s ability to faithfully portray the colors of various things. Color-critical applications such as neonatal care and art restoration require light sources with a high CRI.

5. Materials: Is the light enclosure made of aluminum or iron sheet? Does the light guide plate have a PS or PMMA coating? Is the diffuser manufactured from PC, PMMA, or PS? Also, pay attention to the most vital components, such as the LED brand and driver. All of the variances in materials result in significant pricing and performance disparities in panel illumination.

6. Control Method:
ON/OFF, DALI, 0/1-10V, RF2.4G, DMX, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other techniques of LED panel light control are the most common. Some control techniques, such as DALI, 0/1-10V, and RF2.4G, are included into the driving force, while others, such as DMX and Zigbee, require separate controllers.
As a result, when choosing LED panel lights for lighting projects, you should consider the control method of the product, the corresponding driver, and the controller’s matching degree.
When you need it, ASM Lighting’s team of experienced lighting design and electrical control engineers can assist you in selecting the proper solution, driver, and controller.

7. Constant Voltage or Constant Current Input:
Constant current and constant voltage drivers are both acceptable solutions for powering LED light sources; the difference is in how the power is delivered. LED drivers are the driving force behind LEDs, supplying and regulating the necessary power to ensure that they operate safely and consistently.

8. Installation method:
If your ceiling has a suspended ceiling, all you need to do is acquire LED panel lights that are the same size as the suspended ceiling.
If your ceiling does not have a suspended ceiling, you have the option of choosing between surface mounting and suspended installation.
You’ll need to buy a conversion frame if you want to mount it on the ceiling. Extra suspension wire kits are required for suspended installations.

9. Shape and size:
LED panel lights are available in round, square, and rectangular shapes. LED flat panel fixtures come in a variety of sizes, including 600x600mm, 600x300mm, 1200x300mm, and so on. The diameter of the round LED panel lights ranges from 10 inches to 8 feet. You must first determine the shape and size of the flat panel light required at the installation site before selecting the proper flat panel light.

10. Warranty:
After-sales warranty services are provided by all LED panel light vendors; the only difference is the length of the warranty period. When getting a quote from a manufacturer, ask them about the warranty period and their warranty policy in the event of a quality issue, such as if they will swap the product or send it back for repair.
If you pay a significantly lower amount than your peers, there’s a good chance you’ll only obtain a 1-2 year warranty. If the LED panel light manufacturer offers a 5- to 10-year warranty, it means they are confidence in their products.

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